[vRO] Retrieve the last 24h events from vCenter

        How to retrieve the last 24h events from your vCenter with more than 999 events. As you know, by default the maximum number of events that you can retrieve from the vCenter is 999. I will show you how to display the last 24h of events in your vRealize Orchestrator Workflow.

Virtual Machine : VMware tools do not start automatically

After updated a VM Linux (Centos) I realized that the VMware tools were not starting over automatically. This post is based on the  KB : 2050592 You can follow these step to resolve the issue : Log in to your virtual machine and locate the vmware-tools-config.pl file. [root@test01 /]# find -name vmware-config-tools.pl ./usr/bin/vmware-config-tools.pl Then execute…