Tips – Extend a windows system partition on a VM

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Extend a windows system partition on a virtual machine :

If you have Windows virtual machines, you already be confronted on a vm with a lack of disk space on your partitions C:, D, etc. .. Unfortunately resize a VM disk scares you and you find this very complicated!!

With this procedure, you will be able to resize a system partition on a Windows 2003 Server for example or another partition.

Let’s go ! :

First step : Add additional space on your VMDK. Right click on your VM –> Edit Settings and add the new size. In this example i will add 15 Go to my vmdk of 15GB. So I will have a vmdk of 30GB Size.



2 -Next, Go into your VM, and go to the disk manager. Check your partition and rescan your drive to see the additional space.


3 – Download EXTPART . 

4 – Unzip and execute extpart.exe



5 -The first thing is to choice your partition, in my example, enter “C :”

Then enter the amount in MB to increase the volume by 15360.



6 – Now going back into disk management and you will see the new size !



Et voila !

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