vCAC 6 : Request remains in state “In Progress”

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In vCAC (or vRealize Automation now), many requests were blocked in status “In Progresssince few weeks or months!

The task was not more present in vCenter orchestrator or vCAC.

I will give you a fix to clean up all these tasks that remains “In Progress” :

In this example, the resquest number “92” is  « In progress » since 06/25/2014. More than 6 month !



First step, you have to log in with ssh user “root” on your vCAC appliance.

Then , go to the bin directory of vpostgres.

#cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.2/bin/·

Next, you should be able to connect to the vcac database with the  username”vcac”:

#./psql -U vcac -d vcac


SELECT id,requestnumber FROM cat_request where state=’IN_PROGRESS’ and requestnumber = “RequestNum”;


RequestNum should be replaced by the Request Number. So, in our  example  “92”.

Retrieve the ID send by the request.

In this example : b5ff16f8-433c-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Then execute this command :

delete from cat_requestevent_details where requestevent_id in(select id from cat_requestevent where request_id =”);

12 The  ID should be replaced by your ID.

The return can be 0.

Next  :

delete from cat_requestevent where request_id = ”;


And then :

delete from cat_request where id =’ID’;


It’s over 😉 so you can leave psql with this command :

\q and enter

That’s it ! Go to vCAC and refresh your web browser. The task is no more displayed.

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  1. It worked great. I did have to make one changes for 6.2. I had to trim down the SELECT statement for it to work properly.

    SELECT id,requestnumber FROM cat_request where state=’IN_PROGRESS’;

    Thanks again for the info!

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