[vRO] How to add an MSSQL database in vRealize Orchestrator

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In this blog post, I will explain you how to add an MSSQL database in vRealize Orchestrator (vRO). The only real difficulty is about the JDBC URL Generator in an AD environment.

Let’s start:


  1. Go into your vRealize Orchestrator Client and navigate to Library > JDBC > JDBC Url Generator.


  1. Execute the workflow and specify the proper parameters.

Select the type of Database: SQL Server

Database server name / IP address: Your server FQDN name or IP.

Database port: If your database port is different to 1433 please add your port

Username: Username for the communication with the DB

Password: Password of the username above.


And then click on “Next”.

  1. If you have multiple Instance on your SQL Server, you have to complete this field “Database instance name”. Otherwise you can let it empty.

Database Domain Name: Insert your domain name. (For AD)

And click on “Submit” your JDBC URL will be generated.



  1. Then, navigate to Library > SQL > Configuration > Add a database and run the workflow.


  1. On the Name field: Please enter a display Name for your DB. In my case, I used vro_db.

Select your database type and copy past your url generate from the previous workflow.

NB :  If you have a windows active directory domain and you are using a windows account , please add this parameter to the end : useNTLMv2= True


Click on next, validate your credentials and submit.


  1. Your database is now connected to your Orchestrator.

Navigate to Inventory Tab > SQL Plug-in and check your Database.

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