vSphere : File is being locked by a consumer on host

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In your vmkernel.log file you can see ” NFSLock: 2210: File is being locked by a consumer on host”.

In my case, all the Hosts which shared the same NFS Datastore had the same error.

lockfilesAug 24 13:18:46 xesx1.int vmkernel: cpu38:34322)NFSLock: 2941: failed to get lock on file slotsfile 0x410a9db6f740 on nas-xxxxxx.int (10.xxx.xxx.11): Busy
Aug 24 13:20:06 xesx1.int vmkernel: cpu43:34322)WARNING: NFSLock: 2210: File is being locked by a consumer on host xesx2.int with exclusive lock.

To fix this error, you need to enable/disable or disable/enable “Storage I/O control” on your datastore.

Go into your datastore view, select your datastore and go in the configuration TAB. Select “Properties”.



Then, enable or disable “Storage I/O Control”. In my case storage I/O Control was disable, so i need to activate it.


Repeat this operation to keep the original configuration of Storage I/O Control.


As you can see, change has been made on 08/24/2015 15:20

And since, no more lock issue.



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